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RSS Feed Generator & Creator builds valid xml feed from unlimited URLs, each with/without their unique Title & Description. It is the ONLY Online Mass RSS Tool for adding Mass Deep Buried link urls like Profile account pages, Bookmarks, Article, Directories, Forum Posts etc. and then use our Free RSS Submit Tool for more Free backlinks or Mass Ping them to get indexed in few hours & for FREE as always.

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Ques. Can we generate 1 feed for multiple urls or Profiles account's ?
Ans. Yes, Offcourse you can. Simply paste all links in LINKS BOX

Ques. What is the URL Limit for RSS feed?
Ans. Its unlimited BUT we recomended upto 50000 Urls or 10MB size xml so that each Feed should be accepted by RSS engines or aggregators when u submit them

Ques. What Title and Description RSS items will have i.e. Url's meta title/desc OR the title/desc i added above ?
Ans. This is our UNIQUE part, It can process feeds in 2 unique ways

  • Original Url Title - Fetches unique Meta Title and description from Top 100 submitted URL's & rest custom(Generation is bit slow BUT Highly Recomended)
  • Custom Title - Use Title and description as you've added above but to make desc uniq we add some random charaters at end(Ultra fast generation )

  • In both cases above u can always use "Feed Desc.Suffix "at the end to make it more unique.

    Ques. How many feeds can we generate in 1 hour or 1 day etc.?
    Ans. Unlimited - (like it then send me 1 beer LOL )

    Ques. What should i do for fast indexing of Urls when the Feeds are created ?
    Ans. Submit it via our Free RSS Submission tool and Do Mass Ping them too.

    Ques. How many times should i submit the feeds for indexing
    Ans. Everytime you generate Feed our script adds random charaters to desc SO its always unique for engines you can do it 2-3 times a week.

    Ques. Any other suggestion for me to get more Google Love ?
    Ans. Spread the word to your friends if u like this tool and i'll pray God for ur site :)


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